Review: Regal e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove

Heating your home shouldn’t be a daunting task. With this Regal e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove review, you shouldn’t have a hard time settling on the best small stove. The e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove is an electric stove that delivers great heat output and a dancing classic flame, all in a compact package.

Regal e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove

Regal e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove









          Value for money



            • Doesn’t produce greenhouse gases
            • Offers 3-sided panoramic view
            • Has a quiet fan-forced heater
            • Operates with or without heat
            • Plugs into any household outlet


            • No remote control
            • Easily breakable plastic stand

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            Heating With an Efficient Stove

            With this amazing electric stove, you will not need to worry about chimney fires and soot. It is an inexpensive stove that saves you from all the mess that comes with using wood and wood products for fuel. This way, it is easy both to place and to maintain. This is not to mention the ease of heating the room. Within a few minutes of starting the stove, you will have heat flowing and evenly warming the room.

            The Regal Electric Fireplace is equipped with a fan-forced heater that reduces the central furnace temperatures. This reduces heating costs, making the stove very economical. The fan gives the stove the capacity to heat a room of up to 400 square feet. This is done comfortably with the stove remaining cool to the touch, even after hours of operation.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 12 x 25 x 22 inches
            • Weight: 23 pounds
            • Heating area: 400 sq. Ft
            • Heating capacity: 4600 BTUs/Hr
            • Power supply: 1500Watts
            • Electric cord: 6 ft
            • Cost of operation: 8 ¢ with heat and flame and 1 ¢/hour with flame only
            • Warranty: 1 year
            • Certification: CSA certified


            The Regal Electric Fireplace comes with a quiet fan-forced heater. This is one of the outstanding features that are very vital in the operation of the stove. The heater comes with HI/Lo settings to adequately control the heat supply. If you do not need any heat in your home but still want to have the visual effect, the No Heat option will come in handy. This function ensures that you can watch the beautiful flames without the stove consuming a lot of energy, thus cutting on heating costs. However, there is no remote control, and all controls must be set manually.

            Another great feature is the 2-foot power cord, which gives one freedom to move the stove from one point to the other. The flexibility of the stove is quite vital given that it is a small stove that can only heat up to 400 square feet. Its heating capacity only allows you to heat a small area of your home, and if you have a huge house, moving the stove from one point to the other would be the best option. With this cable, you can unplug the stove and plug it into any standard household power outlet to heat another room where the heat is needed at that particular moment.

            A unique feature that you will not find in most stoves is the viewing mesh. This is a feature that enhances the stove’s beauty as it gives a 3-sided panoramic view of the ember bed and flames. The double mesh door can either be opened or closed. Opening and closing the door should be done carefully, as the stove’s top, bottom and stand are made of plastic and could be broken easily. Therefore, the door should be left in a state in which it wouldn’t increase the chances of knocking down the stove.


            In its design, the Regal Electric Fireplace comes with a 40 watts bulb. This bulb creates a realistic fire effect without consuming a lot of energy, contributing to the stove’s coolness to the touch. These bulbs may require replacement after some time.

            This stove is designed to resemble an authentic wood burning stove. This is emphasized by its black color and matte finish. The 3D-flame effects given by the light bulbs give the depth of dancing and flickering flames.

            A number of customers have had an issue with the noise made by the stove. Many tend to think that the noise comes from the fan. In most cases, the noise comes from the long spinning piece found at the back of the stove. If you do not have an idea of how to fix it, you may have to live with the noise. A professional’s assistance may be necessary.


            The Regal Electric Fireplace is a very efficient stove. This is a stove that uses non-combustion technology to produce heat so that it does not produce greenhouse gases. Since it does not burn fuel, it is able to achieve high efficiency standards. It can comfortably heat the room at 99% efficiency, meaning that all the heat produced is used to heat the room. No heat is lost as this stove has no chimney, thus no draft, and its surface doesn’t lose the heat to its surroundings.


            The durability of the Regal Electric Fireplace is undisputable and can last for decades. With proper care, this stove can last for 50 years and beyond. Its bulbs also last for years, thus providing a long-lasting glow. The strong and sturdy matte is the strongest feature and will last as long as you need the unit in your home. Just ensure that is free from rust and it will maintain its great shape and form for decades. The stove comes with a plastic stand, which supports the stove but can be easily broken.

            Value For Money

            When purchasing an electric stove, consider that the stove ought to give high returns on low operational costs. This is exactly what the Regal Electric Fireplace provides. This stove gives you warmth and ambience with an average cost of operation of 1 cent per hour on flame-only mode and 8 cents per hour on heat and flame mode. This is very commendable for a stove that retails in the lower range ($180-$300).

            Our Verdict On Regal e-Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace Stove


            The Regal Electric Fireplace has warmed many people’s’ homes, and won their hearts in the process. Its warm reception in homes can be attributed to its ability to warm a huge area–400 sq. ft–at a very low cost. The 1500 watts stove produces 4600 BTUs per hour which is enough to keep the room evenly heated all night long. Unlike conventional stoves, this stove requires no refueling, which guarantees hassle-free heating. All you need to do is flip a switch and you will have heat within seconds. It is for this reason that it has managed to secure an overall 9.0 rating in our e-Flame USA-Regal Electric Fireplace review. You will definitely enjoy heating with this stove.


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