Review: US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove

The fully automated US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove is manufactured by The United States Company, a leading pellet stove manufacturer. The stove boasts such features as auto ignition and easy to use electronic controls. An automatic blower, which makes it easy to spread heat evenly, is also included.

US Stove R5824

US Stove R5824









          Value for money



            • Features a large air wash view glass
            • Comes with a digital control board for heat and draft control
            • Approved for modular or mobile homes use
            • Strong and sturdy
            • Has a large hopper, 120 lbs, thus extended operation


            • The optional thermostat doesn’t work in manual mode
            • Allows formation of fly ash that hinders exhaust flow

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            This stove uses an inclined auger feed system, which is operated by a microprocessor-controlled digital circuit board. The board makes it possible to run the stove on a time-based cycle. During operation, the automated auger pushes pellets up the chute, located at the front or bottom of the hopper, and into the burn pot. After the pellets have been delivered, the automatic ignition system kicks in. Within five minutes, a fire will be blazing in the stove.

            The US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove comes with a “heat range” setting to control the amount of heat produced in the stove. This is done by maintaining the airflow into the stove at the desired precise rate. Too little air flow into the stove leads to a non-energetic flame, which fills the burn pot with too much fuel, making the fire smoother out. On the other hand, too much air results in a flame that is overactive or aggressive. Such a flame is typically blue at the bottom, resembling a blow torch, and consumes all the fuel in a short time. This can result in wasting heat.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 26”W x 25”D x 35 ¼”H
            • Weight: 209 pounds
            • Heating capacity: 2,200 square feet
            • Burn time: 25-75 hours
            • Flue collar size: 3 inches
            • Heat settings: 5
            • Blower (CFM): 120
            • Output: 48,000 BTUs
            • Blower power supply: 110 Volts
            • Hopper capacity: 120 lbs


            US Stove R5824 Open

            The US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove has several unique features. One of these features is the ON/OFF button, which starts or stops the stove.The stove starts within 5 minutes of pressing the ON button. This follows a sequence where the auger feeds the firepot and the automatic ignition starts the fire. After pressing the OFF button, the stove enters the shut down sequence. The auger stops feeding the firepot, putting out the fire, and the stove cools down. The fans may continue running but will also go off after the heat is over.

            Another amazing feature is the draft fan. Its main role is controlling combustion gases, and sets in immediately after the stove is turned on. Its speed automatically adjusts based on the heat range setting. If you prefer changing the speed manually, there is a draft fan arrow that allows you to do so. It is good to note that the optional thermostat is not reliable in controlling the unit when it’s running on manual mode. You therefore need to ensure that you are only adding one setting above or below when adjusting the draft fan setting.

            The stove also features a room fan that is responsible for heat distribution. This fan only comes into operation after the stove has reached its operating temperature. It can either run on automatic or manual mode. When it is in automatic mode, the speed changes automatically based on the heat range settings.

            US Stove R5824 FrontDesign

            The US Stove R5824 adopts a modern design that is both attractive and with improved functionality. This steel stove’s elegant housing is complemented by the strong iron cast door that comes with a clear view glass window.

            This stove is designed to accommodate a huge capacity of up to 120 lbs of pellets in the hopper. With the 120 lbs of pellets, the stove can run continuously for a period of 25-75 hours. It burns the pellets to produce 48,000 BTUs per hour which is sufficient to heat a room of approximately 2, 200 square feet.

            The exhaust system is also finely designed to control gas emission and creosote formation. These are the major concerns in wood and pellet burning stoves. Slow fires result in organic vapors that combine with moisture to form creosote, which could result in chimney fires. To ensure further safety, this stove has been fitted with a draft fan. This fan, combined with the ventilation pipes, ensures that the stove doesn’t run on a slow fire, thus avoiding formation of creosote. However, there is still the formation of fly ash. This ash accumulates in the horizontal portion of the exhaust run. It in non combustible but hinders normal exhaust flow. It needs to be removed periodically.


            This is a stove that ranks among the best when it comes to its efficiency. The stove has been approved by EPA, but no efficiency rating has been given by the regulator. However, independent reviewers have rated the stove at an incredible 80%. This rating can be attributed to the stove’s clean burning and low environmental impact. The stove is outside-air compatible, adding to its efficiency and making it perfect for mobile homes.


            The durability of the US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove is undisputable. The stove is made from strong and sturdy steel that is able to withstand high temperatures for 30 to 50 years. The stove’s lifespan can be reduced if the pellets used have high moisture content, resulting in creosote formation. Direct contact with flames can also reduce the stove’s lifespan.

            Value For Money

            The US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove retails between $800 and $1000. For a stove of its caliber, this is a good price. It goes further to prove that it’s worth the price by acting as a reliable heat supply for a more than 24 hours on a single fueling.

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            Our US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove with Igniter furnace review reveals that this is one of the best pellet stoves. Based on its features, design, efficiency, durability and value for money, we can comfortably rate it at 9.4 on a scale of 1-10. The US Stove R5824 is a fully automated stove with auto ignition and electronic controls. It comes with magnetic panels that make it easy to access its interior. Furthermore, it has a 120 lb. Hopper that extends its usage incredibly and reduces refueling time. These features make it possible to heat up to 2200 square feet with 80% efficiency, keeping your home comfortable in all seasons.


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