Review: Napoleon EPA Independence

Napoleon is the proud manufacturer of many leading wood burning stoves, such as the EPA Independence Wood Burning Stove. This is a stove that offers clean wood burning technology at an economical price. This piece is not only functional, but fashionable–it fits in every room’s décor. Its introduction was meant to provide a difference in how people heat their homes by introducing a more aesthetically pleasing aspect. The stove is a view to behold due to the clear glass, which allows a view of the flames.

Napoleon EPA Independence

Napoleon EPA Independence









          Value for money



            • Optional heat circulating blower ensures even heat distribution
            • Cuts buildup of creosote in chimneys, reducing risk of fire
            • Produces 70% less particle pollution than conventional stoves
            • Reliable extended burn time (10 hours)
            • Rich porcelain enamel finishing adds subtle elegance


            • In the higher price ranger compared to other stoves

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            Product Specifications

            • Dimensions 25.5”W X 27”D
            • BTUs 65,000
            • Efficiency 80%
            • Fuel type Wood
            • Flue collar   6 inches
            • Napoleon wood burning technology
            • Side shields
            • Pedestal base
            • Single lever burn control
            • Stylish, with an arched cast iron door


            The EPA Independence boasts a number of unique features, one of which is its pedestal base. This base provides a nicely concealed inlet for combustion air. The air can be drawn from outside to improve the stove’s efficiency. Furthermore, it has a single lever burn control. This makes it easy to operate and regulate primary and secondary combustion air. With this lever, one is able to establish a perfect mixture, resulting in a clean and efficient burn.

            Another noteworthy feature is the stove’s wrap-around shield. This shield adds a delicate balance of functionality and elegance. It comes in handy in the even distribution of heat. Additionally, it reduces clearances to combustibles. The difference between a stove with a shield versus one without is always noticeable.

            The stove’s elegantly arched cast iron door brings a touch of class to the modern stove. This door is nicely curved to reflect the rustic origin of the stove, while still conforming to the modern designs. The door’s size even allows you to see inside the stove.

            The Napoleon EPA Independence also comes with a secondary, stainless-steel-protected air tube. The stainless steel cover ensures that the stove achieves complete combustion. This is part of the high-tech, non-catalytic technology that eliminates the need to have a catalytic combustor for effective combustion. This largely contributes to the stove’s 92% approval in terms of the features it offers.

            Napoleon EPA Independence Wood Burning StoveDesign

            The Napoleon EPA Independence wood burning stove adopts a modern design that makes it stand out in the market. It is a stove that is built using the latest craftsmanship, such as Quadra-fire technology (automatic combustion control that ensures precise start-up and air control thus consistent burns). Such innovations, along with the dual-burn design, brings out a long and complete burn.

            The exceptional glass door is an eye-catching piece of design, as decorative as it is functional. The glass remains clean owing to the exceptional air wash system. This eliminates the need to worry about the upkeep of the glass with a guarantee of a clear view, regardless of the hours the stove burns. It is these unique designs that earn the stove a staggering 87% rating.


            The efficiency of the stove has been rated at 80% by Napoleon. This is a very high rating for a stove of its class, and is no doubt due to the stove’s 65,000 BTU rating and its incredible design. The stove will surely change your mentality about home heating. It is suitable for rooms measuring up to 1,800 square feet, thanks to the stove’s sizable firebox. The firebox is lined with ceramic fiber baffles that improve its functionality.


            This stove’s durability should earn it a spot in every living room. The strong and sturdy cast iron and the side shield give the stove a life beyond 50 years. The cast iron is able to withstand high temperatures for many years, and, being a good conductor of heat, it serves as the perfect material for a home heating stove. With this stove, you can be guaranteed of all-year home heating with a 5-year warranty on the stove and its parts.

            Value For Money

            In this harsh economy, everyone wants a stove that gives them value for their money. This is what you get from the Napoleon EPA Independence wood burning stove. The stove retails in the affordable range of $1,300 and $1,700. It is a stove that will help you cut down on electricity bills while giving you the comfort of being electricity independent. The clean, efficient and reliable EPA technology assures the purchaser of great returns. The stove measures 25.5” W by 27” D, making it suitable for 6” fuel.

            Our Verdict on Napoleon EPA Independence Wood Burning Stove

            The Napoleon EPA Independence stove is a reliable, stylish wood stove. With an overall 8.4 rating, it provides numerous advantages, with its safety–a paramount concern when purchasing a home heating system–topping the list. The stove has an appealing pedestal base that protects floors while allowing a well concealed inlet for combustion air. Furthermore, its efficiency is impeccable owing to the existence of the single lever burn control. This makes it a well-rounded heating stove that can be used for any home within the range of 1000-2000 square feet.

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