Review: Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak Log Fireplace Insert

Heating your home is not only a priority, but a necessity. In the cold winters, you will need to keep your house warm and cozy. This can only happen if you have a reliable green heat source. Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak log fireplace insert would be that heat source for you. This gas-powered appliance is not only designed to fit in any home’s décor, but also to provide a sufficient supply of heat.

Sure Heat 24

Sure Heat 24









          Value for money



            • Has an oxygen depletion system
            • It incorporates a controlled valve system
            • Has a U-shaped burner that produces superior and realistic flame
            • Has 99.9% efficiency
            • Made of strong refractory cement mixture


            • Makes a whistling noise when in use
            • Gas logs can easily break

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            The Beautiful Ambience From The 24” Fireplace Inserts

            Mt. Vernon is a fireplace insert that will make you forget the inconveniences of running a wood burning fireplace. It has proven to be the darling for many homeowners owing to its clean burning prowess and its beautiful design. The beautiful logs give an artistic display that would make anyone think that you are actually burning real oak wood.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 26.5 x 15.5 x 17 inches
            • Weight: 53.3 pounds
            • Approval: CSA approved
            • Heating area: 1200-1500 sq. Feet
            • Fuel: Dual fuel, liquid propane & natural gas
            • Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
            • Log size: 24 inches
            • Vent type: vent free


            Mt. Vernon is considered to be one of the safest gas logs. This can be attributed to the oxygen depletion system. This is a system that is only found in modern gas fires. Its main role is controlling gas supply to the logs. As the logs burn, they use up the oxygen in the room. The oxygen mixes with gas to enable complete combustion. If the oxygen levels in the room fall below the recommended levels, the FDS cuts gas supply. This is quite essential as it ensures that incomplete combustion isn’t experienced. The failure of such a system would result in the formation of poisonous carbon monoxide.

            The ceramic logs, painted to resemble real logs, are quite incredible. It is difficult to distinguish whether they are real logs or an imitation. The manufacturer has ensured that these logs bring out all the details you would expect from real wood. This is critical in making the fire look and feel realistic.

            Another great feature is the presence of a controlled valve system. This is a system that makes it possible to control the amount and type of flames and heat produced. This gives you the freedom to run the logs to your liking. This is not to mention that the stove is ignited with a push button. This eliminates the need to use lighters or matches.


            The Mt. Vernon is designed to adopt a traditional look, yet its operations are quite modern. In its design, the manufacturer has made it possible to fit in six 24” logs. These are the logs that bring out the flickering flames as the gas burns and give one the impression of a traditional fireplace. The good thing about these logs is that they are not associated with the mess you would expect from conventional logs. These logs produce no ash, smoke or soot. This makes them environmentally friendly and lowers their maintenance costs.

            The appliance plays host to a U-shaped dual burner. This burner provides superior and realistic flames when the logs are in operation. The burner’s operations are controlled by the manual valve. It is the valve that determines how much gas will be burnt and thus determines the heat to be produced.

            In its designed, the Mt. Vernon is vent-free. This means that all the heat that is produced in the unit is distributed into the room. This is quite incredible as it assures you of heat supply even with a small flame.


            The efficiency of the Mt. Vernon is remarkable. This unit has been rated at 99.9% by EPA. The high efficiency can be attributed to the fact that it is a clean, vent-free source of heat. This means that all the gas supplied to the unit is burned to produce heat and all the heat is released into the room. With complete combustion, nothing goes to waste–literally.


            The Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak log’s durability is not questionable. The logs are made of refractory cement mixture, designed to enable the logs to withstand high temperatures. They are thus able to withstand the gas burners’ heat even after burning for many hours. These logs retain their color even with extended use. However, you may realize that they can easily break. One therefore should be careful when handling the gas logs, which may sometimes even need reinforcement.

            Value For Money

            The Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak log is a great buy. The log set that retails for $180-$230 is not only a clean heating solution, but is also easy to clean and maintain. The logs do not require regular maintenance given the fact that gas has no deposits as those left by wood. All you will need is to conduct periodic inspections on the pilots, valves and the gas connection. The only thing that may be a concern is the whistling noise produced after using the stove for some time. This noise comes from the standard corrugated flex line. The flex line is used to hook the gas log set. You may need to get a flexible stainless connector to correct this.

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            The Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak log fireplace insert is a great appliance if you are thinking of creating a beautiful living environment. The unit can accommodate logs as long as 24 inches. It is vent free, ensuring that all the heat is pushed into the room. This makes it possible to heat up between 1200 and 1500 square feet with 100% oxygen and carbon monoxide depletions safe. It is CSA approved and will give you value for your money. It is for this reason that we rated it at 9.5 in our Sure Heat 24″ Mt. Vernon Oak log fireplace insert review. You need to give it a try and check ths out Eurojackpot ab sofort mit höheren Jackpots dank neuer Spielformel –


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