Review: e-Flame Hamilton Free Standing Electric Stove

The charming Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove is a 22-inch portable stove that presents a realistic flame and vintage logs in its display, giving it a traditional look. When in operation, it delivers a classic dancing flame front that will always look spectacular in your home.

e-Flame USA Hamilton Electric Fireplace Stove

e-Flame USA Hamilton Electric Fireplace Stove









          Value for money



            • Has a fan-forced heater for effective heat distribution
            • Low operation costs
            • Doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases
            • Compact; perfect for minimalistic homes
            • Comes with a no-heat function


            • Few automated functions
            • The stand is weak and breaks with ease

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            A Reliable All-house Heating Electric Stove

            The Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove is an electric stove, making it a safe choice for all homes. This stove uses neither burning fuel nor chimney, so chimney fires are impossible. One must simply plug the adjustable 800-1500W stove into a power outlet to get a heated room in minutes.

            This stove has the capacity to heat up to 400 square feet–a wide area considering that it is a supplemental source of heat. Normally, it is installed to provide secondary or alternative heat. This is because it is portable and can be used any time with little operational challenges. Thus, it can be used by anyone in the house.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 10 x 16 x 21.6 inches
            • Weight: 18.5 pounds
            • Heating capacity: 400 sq. Feet
            • Bulbs: 2 x 40W
            • Power: 1500W
            • Color: White
            • Power cord: 3 prong grounded
            • Certification: CSA certified


            The Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove has several amazing features. This is a stove that will give you the best heat supply, thanks to its quiet, fan-forced heater. This heater comes with Hi/Lo settings responsible for even heat distribution. It is common with conventional stoves to find that hot air accumulates around the stove, leaving other areas with little or no warmth. This makes the stove partially ineffective and the parts of the rooms can be uncomfortable. With the fan-forced heater, however, this electric stove will ensure that the entire room is warm and cozy.

            The heat produced by the heater will be distributed to every corner of the room, providing even heat distribution without escalating heating costs. The only downside is that this stove has few automated options. This means that you have to keep changing the settings manually as the environment changes.

            The stove also features two low-wattage LED bulbs that are meant to improve the stove’s appearance. These bulbs are very vital in the stove, especially when it comes to its beauty. They are not part of the heat production process but will make the stove look like conventional stoves. These LED bulbs work along with the vintage logs to lend the stove its traditional charm.


            This wouldn’t be a complete review without focusing some attention on the stove’s design. This stove is designed to fit every home’s décor. It is a stove that is not only classical, but also stunningly beautiful. It gives an ultra-realistic flame that is easily visible through the clear glass. This glass is strong and can last a long time without replacement.

            The true beauty of the Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove is that it is compact. This makes it the perfect stove for indoor spaces, including small corners. Being a free standing stove, it can be placed in any corner of the house without needing to worry about its support. However, the stove’s stand is weak, so care should be taken in regards to the platform it sits on.Provided that it is placed on level ground, the stove will be stable and ready for use.

            E-flame USA was quite creative in designing this stove, as it is possible to use the stove without it producing any heat. This stove comes with the no-heat option that still allows you to enjoy the visual effects given by the LED bulbs and logs. This works perfectly for people who want the stove not only for heating purposes but also for beauty.

            In its design, E-flame unfortunately failed to consider the light that shines through the stove’s back vent. This can be an issue when running the stove. The light shines on the wall and can be a little distracting and annoying, especially at night. You may wish to find a way of covering the vent.


            Just like any other electric stove, Hamilton free standing electric fireplace stove’s efficiency is impeccable: 99%. This is an incredible rating and, as it is an EPA certified stove, you can expect it to deliver what it promises. This stove operates on no combustion,using no vents or chimneys; therefore, no heat will be lost and no greenhouse gases will be produced. It is truly a clean heating stove.


            If you are looking for a stove that will serve you for several decades, the Hamilton free standing electric fireplace stove is the stove for you. This is a stove that can last 50 years and beyond if handled carefully. The stove is made of strong plastic that makes it very strong and sturdy. The fact that it doesn’t burn any fuel means that the metallic sides will remain intact since no moisture forms on its interior surface.

            Value For Money

            When looking for a stove, everyone wants a stove that will serve them without fail, and this is certainly one of them. Retailing in the low range of $120-$170, the Hamilton free standing electric fireplace stove will definitely give you value for your money. This stove will heat a whopping 400 square feet with very low heating costs. It will only cost you 8 cents per hour to run the stove with the flame and heat and 1 cent for the flame only. This is because the stove uses 90% less energy than gas stoves to produce visual flame effects.

            Our Verdict On e-Flame USA Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove


            For the great price, the e-Flame USA Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove would easily be the darling of any home owner. It proves its worth by providing clean and dependable supplemental heat. Concluding our Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove review, we are convinced that this stove is best suited for zone heating. It can comfortably heat up to 400 square feet at a very low cost of 8 cents per hour. This is in addition to giving the electrifying visual flames that complement its traditional white finish. It is these features that have given us the conviction to rate it at 8.5 in our review.


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