Review: Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style

The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove is a product of Pleasant Hearth, a leading stove manufacturer. With its 5000 BTU/Hour heat capacity, this stove delivers the most efficient heating, no matter the temperature outside. It has become common in small homes of up to 2,200 square feet, as well as in portable homes.

Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style

Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style









          Value for money



            • Its price is in the low tier
            • Has five-year warranty
            • Ideal for mobile homes
            • Requires little assembly during installation
            • Has an airwash system that makes air cleaner


            • Over-firing could result in ignition of flammable materials
            • Its blower is very noisy

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            The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style’s popularity comes from its ability to heat up homes at low costs. This stove falls in the range of $1,300 to $1,800. This is a fair price considering that its running costs are very low. With a single fueling, this incredible stove will heat your room for a period of 24 to 70 hours. This is a burn time that is only possible with the best pellet stoves.

            The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style will warm both heart and home with its constant supply of heat. It has an exclusive comfort control system to ensure that the room is not over or under heated. This makes it the perfect automated heater for your home.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 24”L x26”W x 25.75”H
            • Weight: 179.8 pounds
            • Burn rate: 5.8 lbs/hr
            • Burn time: 24-70 hours
            • Heating area: 2200 square feet
            • Heat output: 50,000 btus
            • Efficiency: 85%
            • Body: Steel
            • Fuel: Pellets
            • Warranty: 5 years
            • Hopper capacity: 120 lbs


            Designed for mobile homes or small family setups, the Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style stove provides effective indoor zone heating. This can be attributed to its unique features. One of the notable features is the five-heat setting. This feature makes it possible to set the stove’s heat production to meet the unique needs of your home. Some days may require more heat than others and this feature makes it easy to regulate the heat output. It also allows you to run your stove either on MIN or MAX settings.

            Contributing to its timeless visual appeal, the stove features a beautifully arched cast iron door. The door is fitted with a ceramic glass viewing area to watch the flames within. A chrome handle improves the stove’s functionality and appearance.

            This stove also features an air wash system, which is responsible for a clear view of the flames. With this system, a homeowner won’t need to worry about smoke or ash blurring the viewing window. You will enjoy the view even after the stove has been in operation for hours.


            The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove adopts a modern yet unique design, ensuring it will fit in with any home’s decor. Its design doesn’t end at the features that can easily be seen from the exterior–the interior is nicely crafted as well. The stove comes with a 120-pound hopper that goes a long way in extending the stove’s burn time. With this hopper, the stove can burn for a whopping 70 hours.

            The inclusion of an outside air kit and a convection blower in the stove’s design cannot go without notice. These features enhance functionality by redistributing the heat trapped behind the stove. Such heat would otherwise have been lost in the surrounding atmosphere. The only drawback is that the blower is very noisy.

            The stove is designed to fit different setups and is completely assembled before purchase. Most assembly work that will be required of the purchaser is concentrated on the venting system. This should be handled by an expert to avoid chimney fires.


            A stove’s efficiency is a factor that every stove buyer should consider. With this EPA approved stove, you will be guaranteed of 85% efficiency. This is a superb rating and can be attributed to the stove’s ability to provide clean heat supply. The nature of the fuel used, pellets, plays a major role in ensuring that the stove maintains high efficiency. Its manufacturer, Pleasant Hearth, recommends the use of premium grade pellets for maximum efficiency.


            The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style is very durable, lasting for 40 years and beyond. The durability is highly affected by the stove use and maintenance. For instance, the stove will wear faster if it is regularly over-fired, which is evident when the stove’s surface and chimney start to glow. The use of sub-standard pellets, especially those with high moisture content, also affects the stove’s durability. Always ensure that you are taking good care of the stove for it to serve you for many years.

            Value For Money

            The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove will always give you value for money. The stove retails in the range of $1,300 to $1,800, and with only a single fueling, it has the capacity to heat up to 2200 square feet for 24-70 hours. This makes it very economical. This is not to mention that is has the capacity to run automatically, which is a relief to many users.

            Our Verdict On Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style


            From a professional perspective, the Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style a reliable stove. Even with little maintenance, it can heat up to 2200 square feet for a period of up to 70 hours without a refill. This stove has amazing features such as the blower that delivers high-quality. steady heat. It is these features that have led us to give an overall rating of 8.8. A combination of these features and the low maintenance required makes it a great piece to have in your home.


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