Review: US Stove 2000 EPA

The US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove is a mid-sized steel stove with incredible capabilities. It is composed of strong and sturdy plate steel that makes it durable and long-lasting. The strong material is able to withstand high temperatures and other external factors that could affect a stove’s lifespan.

US Stove 2000 EPA

US Stove 2000 EPA









          Value for money



            • It is versatile, any type of wood can be used
            • Energy efficient, burns for 10 hours on a single fueling
            • Easy to maintain, reduced parts breakdown
            • Improved heat distribution due to 100 cubic feet blower
            • It has been approved for use in mobile homes


            • The stove doesn’t have an EPA efficiency rating
            • The screws that come with the stove do not fit in the faceplate

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            The US Stove 2000 EPA offers efficient, quiet, and cheap heating for for small and mid-sized homes. Being a medium-sized stove, it has a heating capacity of 89,000 BTUs, and can heat up to 2,000 square feet. This is made possible by the installation of a 100 cubic feet/minute blower, which ensures even heat distribution.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 30”H x 27”W x 20.5”D
            • Firebox size: 24”H x 24”W x 24”D
            • Depth with blower: 24.5”
            • Flue collar size:  6 inches
            • Housing material:  steel
            • Igniter type:  manual
            • Voltage:  100-120V
            • Weight:  275 pounds
            • Heating capacity:  89,000 BTUs
            • Heating area:  2000 square feet
            • Fuel:  wood


            If there is any category in which the US Stove 2000 has other wood burning stoves of iUS Stove 2000 EPA4ts size beat, it would be
            features. On top of the incredible features list is its large and beautiful viewing window. This window is specially designed to ensure that one can see inside the stove. You will not only enjoy the heat that comes from the stove, but also the spectacular view of consistent flames.

            Another easy-to-appreciate feature is the air wash glass door. In addition to the door having a clear glass that serves as the window, it also has built-in ventilation that forces air into the stove. The ventilation allows the air to pass between the fire and the front glass, forming a barrier that keeps the glass clean.

            The firebrick lining found in the firebox is also a feature to behold. This is the lining that ensures that the stove lasts for a period of 40 years and beyond. With the presence of the brick lining, flames cannot come into contact with the stove’s casing, which, in turn, extends the stove’s life. The lining is also able to be replaced.

            US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, MediumDesign

            With over 100 years of experience, the United States Stove Company is surely a giant in the industry. Their exceptional skills have been portrayed in this model, especially with the inclusion of the 100 CFM blower. The blower, in conjunction with the firebrick lining, improves the stove’s efficiency and ensures a quiet yet efficient heat supply.

            In addition to the safe and efficient design, the compact US Stove 2000 stove fits in any room’s décor. The black color makes it an outstanding centerpiece, with the clear glass door offering a cozy view of the fire.


            Turn down your thermostat and cut on electricity bills, as this wood burning stove will cater to all your heating needs. The US Stove 2000 brings in both style and efficiency to your home heating. This stove is able to heat up your home with 80% efficiency, and being an EPA certified stove, you can rest assured that it will deliver exactly that. This is possible thanks to a large firebox that is able to hold logs as long as 21 inches. This firebox will warm your home and heart with a steady supply of heat for 10 solid hours. The firebox capacity is supplemented by the large ash pan. This ash pan ensures that ash doesn’t collect in the stove; thus, the burning of wood is not hindered.


            The US Stove 2000 will last beyond 50 years of use. The stove is made of steel, which makes it very strong and durable, able to withstand any type of pressure. The firebrick also ensures that the stove can be used for many years, as it prevents the steel from getting into direct contact with fire and thus increases the stove’s lifespan.

            Value For Money

            Spending between $1000 and $1,400 on a stove is a large investment. Therefore, it is important that purchases are guaranteed that they are getting value for your money. The US Stove 2000 offers an extraordinary value, providing a constant supply of heat even after years of use. It is very consistent, and with little maintenance, you will continue enjoying 89,000 BTUs per hour.

            Our Verdict On US Stove 2000 EPA

            The US Stove 2000 is an incredible choice for any medium-sized home. This stove proves to be the best not only through its design, but also its functionalities. It is a stove that will easily heat a 2000 square feet room with up to 89,000 BTUs and last for 8-10 hours. This is not to mention that it requires little or no attendance during the entire heating period. Once it’s lit, you will only need to empty the ash pan or rekindle the fire if the need arises. Overall, it is a stove that will serve without disappointments, explaining why it has received an overall 8.7 rating.

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