Review: Drolet HT2000

If you are looking for a large wood burning stove, you can stop your search on the Drolet High-Efficiency stove. This is the largest stove in the XL category. It is not only big in size, but also big in its performance. With its huge capacity, this stove is able to heat a room of up to 2,400 square feet.

The huge size of the stove translates to easier use and maintenance. This is one of the few stoves which can take logs measuring 22 inches long. It comes with a huge firebox (3.7 cubic feet), making it possible to stack many logs. Furthermore, it can run for 10 hours without requiring refueling.

Drolet HT2000

Drolet HT2000









          Value for money



            • The hi-density refractory bricks are replaceable.
            • Has a slide damper that helps you control the amount of heat
            • Comes with a long lasting 5/6 inch high gauge steel top
            • Allows use of a blower improving the stove’s efficiency by 2%
            • Can burn for 10 hours without a refill


            • The glass door can get a bit blurry after some hours of burning
            • Cannot control heat production automatically

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            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions:
              • Overall On pedestal 28 ½”W x 29 ½”D x 34 ¼”H
              • Deluxe model: 30”W x 29 ¼”D x 34 ¼”H
              • Combustion chamber: 22 ½”W x 18”D
              • Door opening: 17 ¾”W x 9 1/8”H
              • Pyroceram glass door: 16 ¼”W x 9 ½”H
            • Weight: 560 pounds
            • Heating capacity: 95,000 BTU
            • Efficiency: 72.2%
            • Heating area: 2,400 sq. Ft.
            • Flue collar: 6 inches
            • Fuel type: wood


            The Drolet high-efficiency stove has several unique features, one of which is the ceramic glass door. This large door elevates the stove from being used not only for practical purposes, but for decorative purposes as well. The glass allows you to see inside the stove, allowing the flames within to create a spectacular view that adds to the room’s décor. The door’s cast iron frame is strong and maintains the shape of the door, as well as protects the glass and secures it in place.

            Another amazing feature is the enormous firebox. This is the biggest firebox you can ever have for a stove. Measuring 22 ½”W by 18”D (3.7 cubic feet), the firebox is able to accommodate logs as long as 22 inches. This eliminates the need to split wood logs over and over. Its functionality goes a step higher with the installation of the hi-density refractory bricks. These bricks aid in heat distribution and conserve the heat produced in the stove.

            The idea of installing a blower in this stove is arguably the most creative idea. The blower is the feature that is installed at the back of the stove. This feature is necessary if you want to redistribute the heat trapped behind the stove. This is a brilliant idea given that the area adjacent to the stove receives most heat, yet it is usually put to little use. Forcing the heat to the front of the stove using the blower therefore extends the stove’s radiation power.

            Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove HT2000Design

            This stove is designed in a way that it will fit in a new home or an old home with a masonry chimney. Consider that it will not fit in every home due to its large size. The stove’s vent can be attached to the masonry chimney or a factory built chimney. This can help conserve space by using the space set for heating purposes.

            It is important to note that this stove is designed to burn wood only. Big as it may be, this stove shouldn’t be used to burn wastes or other flammable materials. Logs with diameters exceeding 6 inches should also be avoided. If you must use these logs, always split them.


            The efficiency of the stove is highly dependent on the wood used. Though the stove has been rated at 78% by EPA, the use of substandard wood can lower its efficiency. This makes it necessary to ensure that you have the right wood for the stove. Dry the wood for a period of 9 to 15 months. Split the wood and store it on a raised ground. A space of 24 to 48 inches should be left between log rows to allow quick drying. These precautions will ensure that the humidity content in the wood will reduce below 20%, making the wood suitable for your stove. With the dry wood, the stove’s efficiency will be guaranteed.


            Most stove buyers are anxious of factors such as corrosion, scratch or discoloration. The Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove is made of strong steel that is able to withstand each of these factors. Its sturdy nature can also be seen in its 6/6 inch steel top and the heavy duty cast iron door that will last over 50 years with continued use.

            Value For Money

            Offering over 50 years of use, the Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove will definitely give you a fair value for your money. This stove requires little maintenance with most of its parts coming with a 5 year warranty, easing any worry about repairs and replacements. With proper installation and maintenance, the stove should serve you for a lifetime. However some models in a similar price range offer more efficiency.

            Our Verdict On US Stove 2000 EPA

            The Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove is the stove that every homeowner needs. This EPA certified stove has the capacity of heating up to 2,400 square feet. Its 9,500 BTU/H heat capacity makes it very reliable, especially for huge homes and large families. Its 3.93 cubic feet firebox plays host to a stack of 22 inch long logs that can burn for 10 hours without a refill. It is for this reason that the Drolet High-Efficiency received 8.1 as its overall rating. Once you have installed this stove, there will be no need to worry about cold nights, even during the long winter.

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