Review: Golden Vantage 20″ FP0038 electrical fireplace

If you have wanted to heat your home in a tranquil and inexpensive way, the Golden Vantage 20″ FP0038 electrical fireplace is the way to go. This is an electric stove that is not only durable, but also very reliable. Regardless of the type or size of your house, you will no doubt find that this stove suits your needs.

Golden Vantage 20

Golden Vantage 20









          Value for money



            • Plug and play unit; thus no installation and setup costs
            • Easy and cheap to operate
            • Automated controls, thermostat included
            • Clean glass front, as it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases
            • Sturdy and durable


            • Doesn’t come with a remote control
            • Has a short power cord

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            A Portable Heating Solution In The Form of An Electric Stove

            The Golden Vantage 20″ FP0038 electrical fireplace is a plug and play appliance that is easily portable. Weighing just 26.4 pounds, this stove can be moved from one point to the other with ease. This makes it perfectly suited for zone heating, a very popular method now that consumers are more cautious about their heating costs. It is a stove that will save you money in both its purchase and its operations.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 21.97 x 20.04 x 13.9 inches
            • Weight: 26.4 pounds
            • Heating area: 400 sq. Feet
            • Power: 750-1500W
            • Bulb type: LED
            • Heat output: 5200 BTUs
            • Certification: CSA certified


            The Golden Vantage 20” FP0038 has outstanding features that make it a favorite for many homeowners. One of these features is the fact that it is a “plug and play.” This means that there are no installations or setups needed to use the stove. You just need to plug it into a standard power outlet, and within a few minutes, the whole room will be well heated.

            Another noteworthy feature is the electronic thermostat. This is a unique feature that allows the user to control the room’s temperature. With the thermostat, you do not need to keep changing the temperature settings as the room heats. The thermostat makes it possible for you to set a temperature that cannot be exceeded. Once the temperature is attained, the stove will go off until more heat is needed.

            Most of the functions in this stove are automated. The control panel is located behind the hinged gate. This is where lighting, heating and even the dimming aspect are controlled. The controls are located on the stove; it does not come with a remote control, and you would thus be required to walk to the unit to change the settings.

            Users have reported that there is a characteristic noise that comes from the stove. Induction, the process used in heating stoves, is generally noiseless. What cause this noise are some encapsulating slugs at the base of the unit. In most cases, the middle layer of the unit is merely encapsulated, which makes them make a lot of noise as they move. This would have been different if the parts were welded within it. The noise can also come from the loose-fitting handles on the stove, which vibrate when the stove is in use.


            The ivory-colored Golden Vantage 20” FP0038 is designed to be as beautiful as it is effective. Though it doesn’t burn wood logs, you will get the feeling that you are sitting in front of a wood burning stove. This is because it has realistic logs that act as the fuel bed. For security reasons, E-flame USA has introduced an overheating safety cutoff system in the stove, automatically turning off the stove if any of the processes go wrong. This way, fires and other safety hazards can be avoided.

            This stove is nicely designed to make it easy to enjoy the beautiful flames. Its front is made of strong, clear tempered glass, forming part of the sturdy door. When it comes to its management, the glass only needs a little cleanup. This stove doesn’t burn any fuel and this explains why the glass remains so clean. If too much pressure is applied to the doors, however, the glass can break, so caution should be used when cleaning.

            For stability purposes, the Golden Vantage 20” FP0038 is designed to be a freestanding stove. The idea behind such a design is ensuring that the stove is independent and does not require a platform. This way, you can move the stove from one point to the other without worrying about where you will place it, so long as it is in the 2.2m range allowed by the power cord. However, you need to be careful with the stand. Dragging the stove would easily break the legs, which would affect the stove’s stability.


            The efficiency of the Golden Vantage 20″ FP0038 electrical fireplace cannot be disputed. Just like any other electric stove, this stove is very efficient,  rated at 99% efficiency. The high efficiency can be attributed to its ability to produce sufficient heat without producing greenhouse gases. The fact that it doesn’t burn any combustible gases makes it very clean. In addition to that, the stove doesn’t lose any heat. It is nicely designed to ensure that even the steel body doesn’t lose any heat. You will therefore enjoy every cent spent on your heating stove.


            The Golden Vantage 20” FP0038 is one of the most durable electric stoves. This stove is made of steel. It hardly gets rusty, thus making it the perfect material for an electric stove. This stove is designed to last thirty years, and, with proper care, it could last even longer.

            The main challenge that you have to deal with is the replacement of the heating element. Generally, the heating element would last for years before blowing. However, in the event that it blows, you may have to give up on using the stove. The heating element is pricey, and if something slammed into the stove and broke it, it might be too much to replace.

            The stove’s glass rarely breaks, but could if the stove is knocked over. Fortunately, the stove doesn’t heat up and feels cold to the touch, making handling the stove easy and safe.

            Value For Money

            For a stove that retails between $100 and $150, 50 years of use is great value for money. This is not to mention the low operational costs. When running this 5200 BTUs stove, you can expect to spend 8 cents per hour when operating in the heat and flame mode and 1 cent for the flame-only mode. This is quite low considering that the stove also has low maintenance costs.

            However, the cost differences may be hard to reckon given that electricity prices are highly volatile and differ between states. According to the Department Of Energy, one can save up to $13 a year by heating with gas as an alternative to electric heaters. This is quite significant given that gas heaters are considered to be more efficient than electric stoves.

            Our Verdict On Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove


            Your shopping experience will be more enjoyable after discovering that you are getting the highest quality stove at a considerably low price. This stove has the capacity to heat up to 400 square feet with a heat output of 5200 BTUs per hour. The heat comes along with the nicely glowing flames. With this stove, you will definitely enjoy every moment spent in your home. Grab this opportunity and invest in the strong, sturdy and durable electric stove. Concluding our review of the Golden Vantage 20″ FP0038 electrical fireplace, we give this stove 7.5 as the overall rating. It is definitely a worthy buy.


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