Review: Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove

The Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is a product of E-flame USA. It is a stove that presents a classic exterior with beautiful flames when the stove is in operation. This makes it perfect for offices, homes, RVs, and everywhere where heat and style are needed.

Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove

Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove









          Value for money



            • No setup or installation costs needed
            • Has the no-heat feature
            • Has a glass door that allows clear view of the flames
            • Doesn’t produce greenhouse gases
            • Low operational costs


            • Glass doors could easily break
            • Short power cord

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            Safe Home Heating With An Electric Stove

            With this free-standing stove, there is no need to worry about chimney fires, a concern for many stove owners. This stove has no chimney, and does not burn fuel in order to produce heat.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 25 x 11 x 23 inches
            • Weight: 29.6 pounds
            • Power: 1500W
            • Heat output: 4600 BTUs
            • Heating area: 400 sq. Feet
            • Cost of operation: 1cent/hour with flame $ 8 cents/hour with flame and heat
            • Certification: CSA certified


            The most noteworthy feature of the Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is its simplicity. This stove is designed to fit in every home with ease. Once you have purchased it, you only need to plug it in to start enjoying the relaxing heat. No setup or installation costs will be accrued. This makes it perfect for modern homes that do not have chimneys installed.

            In addition to being simple in installation and design, the stove is also very light. The stove that only weighs 29.6 pounds can be moved without dragging it on the floor, and is easy to transport from one room to another. The freedom, however, may be limited by the power cord, which is only 2.2 meters in length. The stove cannot be placed far from an outlet without an extension cord.

            Another spectacular feature is the no-heat option, available in almost all E-flame stoves. The reason behind the availability of this feature is the fact that stoves are no longer bought for heating purposes only. When looking for a stove, most people look for an appliance that will not only give them heat, but also complement their room’s décor. This no-heat option allows the flames to shine even when no heat is needed.

            The fan, meant to distribute the produced heat evenly, is another feature that deserves mentioning. It no doubt does its job–but not without some hitches. As it runs, this fan strikes the housing with a loud hum. The noise only goes away after pressing around on the housing, but usually returns after some time. During such a time, heat distribution would also be affected, with the stove barely heating 100 square feet.


            The Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is designed to resemble traditional stoves.. Its primary color is soft gray and it comes with spring-type twisted handles to complete the pleasant look.

            To enhance the stove’s quality, the designer has incorporated real glass doors. These doors make it easy to view inside the stove, and are easy to clean and maintain. They are scratch resistant but can break easily if too much pressure is exerted. The doors would undoubtedly be the first part to break if the stove tipped over. The doors also do not have a magnetic catch to keep them secured.

            More challenges can be expected if you need to fit the stove in an existing fireplace. This unit has a height of 25”, including the legs. You would therefore need to have the right dimensions before making the purchase. If you do not intend to use it with the legs, 22” would be the right height.


            The efficiency of the stove is seen in its ability to distribute clean heat effectively. The stove’s heating unit sits underneath the main body. It may be mistaken for an ash box, but the stove does not actually burn combustible fuels. This is part of the reason why it is very efficient. Unlike stoves fitted with vents and chimneys, the Jasper Free Standing Electric stove doesn’t lose any heat with escaping gases. This means that all the heat is distributed in the room. Furthermore, the stove produces no greenhouse gases; thus, it is fit for indoor use.


            The construction quality of the Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is incredible. This stove is made of strong, durable plastic. However, the stand’s legs are made of a flimsier plastic, which could make them susceptible to breakage.

            This stove is not exposed to factors such as smoke or wood moisture, contributing to its lifespan of over 20 years with continuous use. The only part that may need constant attention is the plug and the power cord, especially if you do not have steady power supply. The bulbs may also be affected by power surges prompting you to get replacements.

            Value For Money

            With the retail price ranging between $150 and $200, the Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is a worthy investment. This is a stove that gives you a lot of performance for quite a low cost. If you were surprised by the selling price, the running costs will surprise you even more: a single cent per hour is enough to run the stove on the flame-only mode, while the flame and heat mode only costs 8 cents per hour. This is incredible and comes with a guarantee of constant even heat supply.

            Our Verdict On Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove


            The Jasper Free Standing Electric stove is a compact stove that provides both warmth and ambience. It comes fitted with a quiet fan-forced heat that has a capacity of heating up to 400 sq. Feet. This is achieved on a budget of 8 cents per hour with the stove producing 4600 BTUs per hour. This is a reliable heat supply for a stove whose price falls below $200. Concluding our Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove review, we give it an 8.0 rating.


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