Review: Pelpro Pellet Stove Model PP60

The Pelpro Pellet Stove offers ultimate comfort, energy saving and convenience. Its high efficiency operation provides high heat production with less fuel consumption. It achieves this all thanks to the advanced technology used in its design. This stove comes with a single dial control system that makes it easy to choose the perfect comfort level for your home.

Pelpro Pellet Stove Model PP60

Pelpro Pellet Stove Model PP60









          Value for money



            • High efficiency operation, providing more heat with less fuel
            • Big hopper (60 lbs), thus extended burn time
            • Comes with a single dial control for easy heat adjustment
            • Has a trim adjustment that controls the flame quality
            • High heat production with little fuel consumption


            • It is only efficient with premium pellets
            • The steel body gets very hot when in operation

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            The Pelpro Pellet stove is a popular selection for pellet stove lovers who are looking for the best pellet stoves on the market. Its great features, such as the 60 lbs hopper, make it a model to be seriously consideed. This is a large storage for a stove that gives 35,000 BTU per hour. With such a huge hopper, you can warm your home with the guarantee of 40 hours burn time.

            If you are looking for an automatic stove, this is the stove to go for. The stove’s operations are made easy with the presence of the automatic ignition and thermostatic dial control. This technology is not necessarily unique, but it is a plus given that it provides convenience and peace of mind.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 22”W x 33”H x 22”D
            • Weight: 230 pounds
            • Heating capacity: 1,750 square feet
            • Ignition: automatic
            • Flue collar size: 3 inches
            • Material: Steel
            • Burn time: 40 hours
            • Hopper capacity: 60 lbs
            • Thermostat: built-In dial
            • Blower power supply: 110 volts
            • Output: 35000 BTUs/hour
            • Fuel type: Pellets


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            The Pelpro Pellet Stove has been regarded in this Pelpro Pellet Stove – 35,000 BTU, Model# PP60 review as a super efficient pellet stove. This is not far from the truth. This stove has been approved by EPA as a clean heating stove with 85% efficiency. It is carbon dioxide neutral and environmentally responsible, and this has won it praise in most states.

            In addition to high efficiency, this stove has high heat output. This stove can comfortably produce 35,000 BTUs/hour. This is sufficient to heat an area measuring 1,750 square feet. This seems to be a large area for such a small stove, but its secret is in the automatic variable speed blower. This blower ensures that there is even distribution of heat.

            Another great–and uncommon–feature is the trim adjustment. Located below the main dial control, the trim adjustment’s main role is stabilizing the fire. If you notice that the fire is too lazy or large, or is producing black soot, you only need to rotate the trim adjustment counterclockwise. The fire will stabilize within 15 minutes. On the other hand, if the fire is too small to the point of going off even when there are pellets in the hopper, rotate the trim adjustment dial clockwise. Leave the fire for 15 minutes to stabilize. This way, you will have a fine fire that burns without smoke.

            Pelpro Pellet Stove Model PP60 Living RoomDesign

            The Pelpro Pellet Stove is designed to fit in any room’s décor and deliver steady heat supply. With the 60 lbs hopper, this stove is able to meet your home heating needs effortlessly. In a single fueling, it can provide heat for 40 hours. However, it is important to note that this stove is only efficient with premium pellets. The use of poor quality pellets results in clinkers in the firepot. Clinkers form when ash, dirt or non-burnable substances are heated to 2000of and become glass-like. This would thus mean low heat production and constant stove cleaning, which is not practical or efficient. When burning such fuel, always be sure to check for creosote and fly ash formation in the chimney.

            The steel body used in the manufacture of this stove is also very significant. Besides its beautiful designs, steel is a good conductor and makes it easy to spread the heat. However, many people have found this to be more of a risk, as touching the stove while it is in operation can result in severe burns.


            The stove’s efficiency is unquestionable: Pelpro Pellet Stove is EPA approved and has been rated at 85% efficiency. The high efficiency can be attributed to the use of high quality pellets and the unique features such as the blower and trim adjustment. However, there are some factors that may affect the stove’s efficiency. These include pellet quality, ventilation and ash accumulation. This means that you will need to clean the stove regularly, use premium pellets and ensure proper ventilation to maintain its high efficiency.


            The design of this stove is largely responsible for its durability; steel stoves can last up to 40 years and the Pelpro Pellet Stove is no exception. With proper maintenance, this stove can easily go beyond 40 years. Simply ensure that you are using the right fuel for the stove and empty the ash when necessary.

            Value For Money

            This stove falls in the mid-price range, normally retailing between $1,200 and $1,600. You will certainly get value for your money as this stove uses little fuel to produce considerable heat–on a single fueling, it can heat 1750 square feet with 35,000 BTUs/ per hour heat injection. This is not to mention that its maintenance costs are very low. However, maintenance costs can escalate with poor stove operation.

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            Having reviewed many different pellet stoves, we can confidently say that Pelpro pellet stove is a reliable stove. We’re convinced that the stove’s efficiency and features comfortably secure it at an 8.0 overall rating. This is based on the fact this is a stove that offers ultimate convenience, comfort and energy saving. Its high efficiency (85%) operations make it possible to produce a lot of heat using little fuel. It features superior technology that ensures dependable usage. The big, 60 lb. hopper fitted in the stove extends its burn time and reduces refilling. The PP60 can give 35,000 BTUs per hour which is enough to heat up to 1,600 square feet for 40 hours on a single fuel load. This makes the stove very reliable, and will undoubtedly give you value for your money.

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