Review: Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs

Gas logs are the latest craze in the heating industry. They have taken the industry by storm and have proven to be worth every penny spent on them. One of the most renowned models is the Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs set. This unit is nicely designed to fit your home décor while still providing ample heat. These are logs that have withstood the test of time and could be the solution to all your heating needs.

Peterson Gas Logs 24 Inch

Peterson Gas Logs 24 Inch









          Value for money



            • Comes with a remote control
            • Made of superior refractory ceramic
            • Meticulously hand-painted to imitate natural wood
            • Has an integrated safety system
            • Can be used in vented fireplaces


            • Doesn’t have valves
            • Loses heat through the vents

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            The Elegant Finish Displayed By The Logs

            These logs are professionally crafted to bring out the elegance every homeowner looks for. The handmade logs demonstrate great skills in paying attention to detail. They are designed to elegantly highlight the texture and flame of the logs, providing both comfort and beauty.

            Product Specifications

            • Product dimensions: 22 x 16 x 8 inches
            • Weight: 60 pounds
            • Heat output: 90,000 BTUs
            • Warranty: 5 years
            • Lighting method: electronic ignition
            • Fuel: Gas only
            • Logs size: 24 inches
            • Style: Oak


            Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs have withstood the test of time simply because they have adopted the latest technologies. One of the remarkable technologies used is the remote. The incorporation of the remote makes the logs compatible with modern home settings. With the remote, you can control how the logs operate without leaving your desk or sofa. It allows you to change the flame size, shape and even the amount of heat produced. However, some users have reported challenges with the remotes. At some point, the remote appears to stop working, but replacing the remote does not fix the problem. This is because in most cases it is not the remote that has a problem, but the burner system. You therefore need to troubleshoot before replacing the remote.

            Another great feature is the high definition bark. This is quite critical in making the logs look natural. The high definition bark is matched with natural colors to give the gas logs an authentic wood look. With this, you will actually think that one is burning real wood in their fireplace. This feature is a great conversation starter. You can be sure that everyone will notice how beautiful they look on visiting your home.

            The inclusion of an integrated safety system is also a huge plus. It makes it possible to use the gas logs with the glass doors closed. Many would worry about having insufficient oxygen for the fire but this is well taken care of. You will thus have complete combustion even when the doors are closed; thus, there is no chance of risking carbon monoxide poisoning. You will need to note that the venting can bring in draft, which can affect how the fire runs and the gases produced. You therefore need to ensure that proper venting has been done. This can be a little costly, especially if you have the conventional chimney installed. Hire a professional to install and inspect the venting system.


            It is important to note that these logs are designed to be used in fireplaces. Preferably, they should be used in vented fireplaces. The vented systems make it possible to achieve complete combustion of gases. This lowers the risk of CO poisoning, a great concern among homeowners. This system has been celebrated by many but it has its drawbacks. While it makes it possible to get clean energy, it leads to the loss of a large percentage of the heat through the chimney. This may mean spending more on heating fuel to achieve the desired heat in the room.

            Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs are meticulously designed to resemble natural wood. The artisans have gone out of their way to ensure that the logs are not only an imitation of natural wood, but also behave like natural wood. When burning natural wood, you will notice that the inside of the logs tends to glow while the flames are mainly seen on the outer surfaces. This is no different with Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs. The inner side of the logs will be seen to glow, especially after burning for some time.


            Peterson Gas Logs are very efficient. They have been rated at 99.9%, and Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs are no different. They have been approved by the CSA and independent tests have proven that they can attain the stipulated efficiency. However, the efficiency of these logs may not always hit the 99.9% mark. One of the factors that may bring the efficiency down is the chimney. The chimney creates an avenue for heat to escape, which could result in a significant loss of heat.


            The gas logs are made of superior refractory ceramic. This is a material that is known to be strong and energy efficient. To make them even stronger, the logs are reinforced with steel rods, giving them greater integrity and elongating their life span. The manufacturer gives a warranty that covers the logs for five years. This is not to mean that you will not use the logs after this–you can actually use the logs for another five years or more. The fact that these logs do not come with a valve may lower their usage. Though a remote has been included to cater for the purpose served by the valve, it may not be as effective as the manual valve would be. You may therefore notice repeated overheating of the logs, which would make the logs last a shorter period of time.

            Value For Money

            When buying the Peterson Gas Logs, you need to be sure that you will be getting value for your money. The logs that retail between $130 and $180 have proven to be a worthy investment. This is seen in their low maintenance costs. They can go for five years without repair. The fact that gas doesn’t have deposits such as those found when burning wood means that you won’t need to clean the logs. You may, however, need to clean the chimney or hire atlanta maids. Chimneys used to vent the logs may not have creosote but will have some smoke deposits. There may also be bird or rodent nests that need to be removed. You may therefore need to set aside cleaning fees once per year.

            Our Verdict On Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs


            Using these modern gas logs guarantees your home of clean and sufficient heat. The logs are easy and cheap to clean and maintain, making them a great buy. This is not to mention the great appeal brought out by the superior refractory ceramic. The logs are designed to look just like natural wood. We have rated the logs at 8.0 in our Peterson Gas Logs 24-inch Post Oak Logs review. This rating is advised by the great features and the outstanding designs. The fact that the logs also give you value for your money makes them a great fit for your home.


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